March 2007

Feedback from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Managers in Israel Regarding Be Safe Be Sure

"I'd like to praise Be Safe Be Sure – the fun educational game given to Teva' Israeli employees during the Hanukkah holiday break. This game is very interesting and challenging. My kids simply cannot stop playing it, and my daughter even took it with her several times to school to show her classmates. In addition, our staff was very impressed with the game. Well done!"

Safety Officer, Migda-Teva Israel

"I'd like to express my appreciation of the safety game designed by Dr. Yosi Toubiana. Our family simply couldn't let go of the game. We've been playing it for a long while now, and still haven't had enough… I believe much creative work had been invested in the game. It looks well-designed visually as well. One can stop at any stage of the game, which is also an advantage. I feel the game contributes to my daughters' idea of safety (they're 8 and 10½ years old), and that truly is its main added value."

Chief Safety Officer, Chemistry Division, Teva Israel

"I'm happy to tell you that the safety game won much success at our home. My 7-year-old son very much enjoys playing it with his friends. They see quite clearly the difference between what's right and what's dangerous, and poke fun at those characters that place themselves at risk. Obviously, they prefer those cards which represent the correct behavior, and it's clear to them that that's the model they should embrace."

OTC (Over-The-Counter) Marketing Manager, Teva Israel

"A great initiative, well done!"

Human Resources Manager, R&D, Chemistry Division, Teva Israel

"Thank you. A good and important idea meant to raise awareness."

Human Resources Manager, Operations Division, Teva Israel

May 11, 2010

Dear Dr. Yossi Toubiana,

Re: Letter of thanks from Intel Israel for the game "Be Safe Be Sure"

"Be Safe Be Sure" – the family game aimed at promoting overall safe behaviour – was given to Intel Israel's Kiryat Gat factory employees as a gift for the Hanukah holiday. We thought it was important to use this creative game in order to improve the concept of safety within families. We felt even more confident once we run a pilot, in which over ten families tried the game and gave us the "green light" to buy it for company employees.
We were glad to see that employee reactions to the game were extremely positive. They said it was interesting, exciting and thought provoking. Also, family members, especially the kids, became more involved in safety matters in daily life, acted as "family safety wardens", and "told their parents off" for various hazards or behaviours that may risk their safety at home, on the road, outside and at work.
In light of Intel employees' positive feedback regarding "Be Safe Be Sure", we donated games to the Kiryat Gat community (kindergartens and schools), and received excellent responses.
I strongly recommend purchasing this game for employee families both here and abroad.
Hoping for continued collaboration,
Yours sincerely,

Moshe Daskal
Safety and Fleet Manager

November 9, 2009

Dear Dr. Toubiana,

Re: Letter of thanks from Tnuva for the game "Be Safe Be Sure"

You'd be glad to hear that I ran about twenty 5-hour workshops for managers on a proactive approach to safety at various company sites, and provided them with "Be Sure Be Safe" games at a workshop held for over 300 managers. The feedback received was very good, and participants now return to me with more feedback and experiences of this game from home.

It seems obvious that family members and kids who played the game were very happy and enthusiastic about the game, its meaning and quality. It also seems that "the kids were so involved and excited about it, that in the end they always won the game, with their parents on the losing side".

I sincerely hope that you would be successful in your endeavours.

Thank you for our collaboration,

Yours sincerely,
Lior Eli – Health, Safety and Hazmat Manager
The Dairy Division