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"Zahav Games" – Exciting family games on an international scale

"Zahav Games" specializes in educational family games aimed at promoting and teaching topics related to health, safety, dealing with pressure, etc., in a simple, creative way.

Dr. Yosi Toubiana has so far developed three educational boxed games for the whole family: "Be Safe Be Sure", "Road Safety" and "Scouts and Safe" (a safety game in Hebrew for boy and girl scouts). The first two have been widely translated, and were bought by dozens of Israeli companies (among them such global brands as Teva, Intel, General Electric, Motorola and HP), educational institutions, health organizations and local authorities – all to great acclaim.

These games aim at raising family awareness of safety issues in daily life. With that raised awareness, accidents and injuries can be prevented, and those family members who played the games may now act as active 'health and safety wardens', at home and outside it.

The main principles behind these games are focus, innovation, creativity, friendliness, simplicity, learning and self-empowerment.

We would be happy to develop unique, fully customized games for various organizations, games that may be fully adapted to the organization's communication and marketing needs (content, strategy, branding).

"Zahav Games" is part of the Zahav Clinic for Stress Management, headed by Dr. Yosi Toubiana – a Senior Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Yosi Toubiana completed his academic studies in Israel. In 1991, he completed his Ph.D. studies at the Psychology Department of Bar-Ilan University. He also completed a post-doctoral research study program at the Psychology Department of Tel Aviv University. For the past 30 years, Dr. Toubiana has been treating stress and pressure-related problems on the individual and community level. He has so far published, with colleagues, 20 research and therapeutical papers on these subjects. He lectured in Bar-Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities. He was a member of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR).

In addition to developing games, Dr. Toubiana lectures at various organizations on such topics as: "The human factor in accident prevention", "How to stay calm in a stressful world? Various tools to stay calm and achieve self control". Dr. Toubiana provides short-term treatment of anxieties, fears and phobias. He also runs focused workshops for company employees from various sectors on dealing with stress and burnout situations, increasing concentration, avoiding accidents and improving the quality of daily life.

"Be Safe Be Sure" won the approval and recommendation of the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment.
For more information and for ordering, contact Dr. Yosi Toubiana:
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